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Sales of the company achieved a first-quarter success

Sales of the company achieved a first-quarter success

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On the afternoon of April 13, the first quarter sales summary meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of the company。 The meeting was presided over by General Manager Li Zhongmin。 The leaders of Qiu Shaobin, Jiao Yushui, Liu Xinhua, Jiao Zhengjun, Jiao Bin and the managers of the major districts participated in the meeting。 With the joint efforts of the salesmen, our company's sales in the first quarter achieved a good start, and the sales volume increased by 10。7% compared with the same period last year。 Among them, Dong Yonggang's sales volume increased by 8% compared with the same period last year, and won the sales championship; Jiao Huanyu's sales returns increased by 54。9% compared with the same period last year, and Zhang Jiuhong's sales volume won the championship of the same period last year。 It increased by 43。0% and won the sales progress award。 Vice-President Qiu Shaobin and Jiao Yushui awarded prizes and certificates to the winners respectively。 After the award presentation, Mr。 Li made an important speech: Following the business analysis meeting held on April 9, today we gather again to present awards to comrades who have made outstanding achievements in sales work。 Here we warmly congratulate them。 Through years of practice and summary, we promulgated the mission, vision and values of enterprises in the early stage。 This is The orientation and guiding principle of the enterprise, therefore, we should make arduous efforts for it。 This award is mainly encouraged。 We hope that more new people will appear next time。 We will quickly set up an atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing, and strive to build a beautiful Yinying Home。 We have repeatedly emphasized that sales is the leader, and business personnel shoulder the two major tasks: first, to segment the market, analyze the market, find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and benchmarking units, and at the same time find out our own strengths and weaknesses, optimize service processes, improve work standards, constantly stabilize the market, expand sales channels。 Avenue。 Second, we should inspect the market, pay attention to collecting information about new materials, equipment, technology and technology, carry out market inspection of new products around the needs of users, identify shortcomings, discuss product positioning, speed up the pace of new product development, especially our meat processing equipment development, and integrate all our efforts into the whole。 Strategically, we have the courage to take the responsibility and implement it, laying the foundation for expanding sales and occupying the market。 At the meeting, Vice-President Jiao Yushui and Vice-President Jiao Zhengjun spoke respectively: they mainly talked about the difference between sales and marketing。 Opportunities are left to the prepared people。 Market development should have its own ideas and strategies。 Every test, there is a harvest; every tear, there is a wake-up; every pain, is the pillar of growth。 Every blow is a strong backing。 Correct direction, positive thinking, cultivation of the environment and unremitting action。 Only when we are energetic and give full play to our positive energy can we have a bright future of our own。

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